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Type order number or cargo tracking separating by a comma or a space for simultaneous view of a few cargo statuses (Search cargo tracking)

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Rules for using the service «Tracking cargo».

The service "Tracking cargo" (Tracker) on the site www.tk-tat.ru allows you to get objective information about the cargo accepted for transportation by TAT's divisions.

The search window for the "Tracking cargo" service allows you to simultaneously request information on one or several transportations. To do this, it is enough to enter several numbers of orders or codes of cargo in a or a in the search string.
If the numbers are entered correctly - the bottom field will display information for each individual transportation. If the information does not appear on one or more entered numbers or codes of the cargo, then there is no information in the system, or you should check the correctness of filling the numbers.

Where can I find the cargo code or order number?
A cargo code is a unique combination of letters and numbers that is assigned when the goods arrive at the warehouse of the TAT company. The shipment code is displayed in the acceptance report and is a universal delivery identifier throughout the carriage.
The order number is assigned by different regional departments-executors of the company TAT, depending on the number of involved executing departments in the process of organizing the transportation. The order number is displayed in the invoice, invoice, the certificate of acceptance and transfer of goods and the act of work performed.

The cargo code or order number can be specified from the manager responsible for the transportation, or by phone. Hot line is 007 800 100 41 65. It is enough to indicate the direction of transportation, to name the sender and the recipient.
Addresses of departments and phone numbers of employees can be found in the section "Contacts" on the site www.tk-tat.ru

Attention! The information of the "Cargo Tracking" service is for reference only and is intended only for preliminary identification of the progress of the order.